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We are the real estate for the army! Find Army Homes recognize the efforts that our brave soldiers, men and women, has given to serve our country. We understand their struggles in their everyday life at service so we put up this real estate agency to help them find their dream homes.

With our services here at Find Army Homes, it will be easier for the army to so the search and be assisted to the legal matters. We are here to assist them from start to finish of the process, until they will just go inside their new home.

Introductory words about ourselves Who are we?

Find Army Homes is a real estate agency that primarily aids the army servicemen and women to find their dream homes. We provide affordable homes and deals that will best serve our nation’s heroes. At Find Army Homes, we have:

  • Properties for sale at affordable prices at different locations;
  • Properties for rent at different locations.
  • Property Management
  • Legal advice and consultation

Our hand picked agents are to guide & help you Professional guidance from top agents

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Kelly Doe Surname Customer Service

Philip Robertson

Philip Robertson CEO

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Will Ernest Team Title

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Clarence Metzger Commercial Real Estate Agent

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Jane Elizabeth Tech-Support

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Luke Grant Real Estate Agent

Linda Smith

Linda Smith Real Estate Broker

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If you have questions or inquiries or you want to get started in getting your dream home, don't hesitate to contact us. We will help you throughout the process.
  • Adress: 1835 Hedge Street Cranford, NJ 07016
  • Support Phone: 908-653-7465
  • E mails: info@findarmyhomes.com
  • Working Hours: 09:30-21:00 except on Sundays